750 Words: 8/12/2017

Yesterday was nice, work was good and my commute was great. It appears that I lost quite a few pounds on my bike commute to work, which is outstanding since I haven’t been keeping too much track of what I’m putting inside of me. I sent out an application to a high interest savings bank about opening an account with them, which is good and all, but it may take a bit of time since it is the weekend. I am still happy that I have sewn the seeds of proper financial security. What I would like to do now is to get the ball rolling on building up my credit score, so the next thing would be to get a credit card and start  a payment plan on it to nourish a healthy payment history on it right away, this is a prime necessity to shoot for to reach my goal of independence and self reliance: if banks and lenders see me as someone who is trustworthy, that will give me a step in the right direction.

I’ve been keeping up with my yoga and meditation, focusing on baby steps and making sure that every time I perform a task, it is to the best of my ability. I am starting to feel more focused and more relaxed. The bike commute is paying off as I mentioned earlier, but what about my physical strength? I do feel like my performance is better when riding my bike, but what about my upper body? I read a short wordpress article called “Greasing the Groove for Strength”  and it talks about the fidelity of consistent, conditional practice and how it helps in improving the synaptic performance of a task, or strength. I have felt a similar effect happen when I was doing my circuit training a few weeks back before work started up, paying off major dividends in my bar work and in being able to move my body. I am ecstatic that I am losing so much weight, but I also need to keep in mind that my overall strength is something that needs to be maintained when returning to campus this semester.

I have an interesting workout plan that involves implementing static and dynamic lifts with high intensity interval training and cardio to improve my athletic capabilities and my body type, all of this being under the leangains program for muscle growth, focusing on intermittent fasting along with increasing caloric intake. So it is some weird hybrid of bodybuilding and performance improvement with a moderately strict fasting regime to make sure that the weight that I’m going to gain isn’t going to be mostly fat.

After writing out these 750 words, I’m going to devote some time to doing 1000 words on my story Sanctuary. Steady wins the race, and so does a good attitude. If I’m in a hurry to finish the product and make it perfect, I’m going to piss myself off and give up, and that is something that I don’t need to do. The story is something that I want to finish and I want to devote an adequate amount of time to making it good while not burning out from staring at it for several hours, so this program should make writing a bit more enjoyable again.

Since receiving my pay from work, the one thing that has been on my mind has been acquiring more novels to read and muse over. Reading is another form of exercise for the mind and if it is given proper sustenance, it can be an important instrument in creating new avenues of thought. I don’t feel that I have read as much as I would have liked this week, but I would like to have a nice comfortable backlog of ebooks with which I can pass the time constructively. I’ve decided to curate a rather massive wishlist of books to read on google play, and I will take some steps to really get into once I determine which ones I would like to read currently.

I haven’t watched a lot of content lately, I have watched a bit of anime today, Made in Abyss and also tried to listen to a podcast about it. Personally, I feel that I have grown tired of reviews and critique of media, it is probably due to the amount of overindulgence I’ve had with it for these past few years, is a sad situation to see, but life goes on I’m afraid. Hopefully, I will get out of this stage soon, but then again. Maybe I don’t wish to.



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