750 Words: 8/11/17

Another day, another 750 words to pump out. The commute today was pretty good despite my failure to check the weather for any incoming thunderstorms. Without my jacket or common sense in tow, I managed to make it to campus despite being poured on for an hour and change. I don’t regret it, the ride was faster and more dynamic than it has ever been, and better yet, I managed to do this while fasted for the extra benefits.

I’m probably going to start on my story again this weekend and make it a habit to push out at least 1000 words of that per day. I think that it would be better to focus on word count over time spent writing because when I was doing the earlier stipulation of writing for 3 hours, I would get lost in my own mind and frequently lose where I wanted to be in my story. By making the constraints only 1000 words, I can better focus on in the moment editing and revisions along with making a better understanding of where I want the story to be in that particular moment.

My break was good, but my day could’ve been better. There are some people who I  spend time with who can drag down my positive attitude, my father being one of them. It isn’t necessarily his fault, it is just the discourse between us. Still, I need to do better to get out of that mindset and try to be more optimistic and less of a complainer. There will be moments when I need to decompress but yesterday was not one of them. Despite how the day progressed the yoga and meditation did wonders for making me key in to what other people were saying and it allowed me to think more on the fly when it came to observing several things outside of the normal sphere of conversation and interaction. I wanted to go to a nearby library and get a card to pick up some books to read but I forgot, and that all helped in making the day not as productive as I would’ve liked.

I watched a Netflix documentary called ‘Icarus’. To be honest, I don’t know why I did. I wasn’t a big fan of the directing choices or the tone consistency of the movie in its shift from studying how easy it is to dupe in professional sports to focusing on Grigory in his attempts to disclose a massive duping conspiracy. I don’t know how this problem could’ve been fixed, but I didn’t like it all that much. That being said, I did like the subject matter of the documentary and found some of the information that was being communicated to be intriguing at the very least. I could’ve stopped watching at any time but the subject matter and premise was enough to keep me going.

I received my very first direct deposit from work today and I’m pretty excited, albeit a bit scared. There are several things that I will need to do with this money. First of all, I will need to save my money. It is important to have a vehicle through which I can go back to in cases of big purchases and money, and according to the Slight Edge, this habit will compound over time and give me a safety blanket through which I can start investments. The savings account will turn into a direct compounding account where I store 20% of all of my payments, along with all extra funds that I have immediately on me at all times. I don’t know about pocketing a percentage of my payments, the thing is that it could prevent me from spending a certain amount of money with which I can save up for textbooks and other immediate purchase while delegating a small amount for luxury purchases. Okay, just from writing this out it seems that this may be a decent idea for saving money. I think that I will pocket the 30% for highly liquid purchases that I probably won’t do anything with anyway, save 20% in a high interest savings account, and leave 50% in my checking account for immediate purchases like textbooks and other nonsense.

So, the day is going well so far, self reflection is always nice. Got some meditation in early this morning before riding out to work and got to theory craft with my first direct deposit. Things are looking good so far, hopefully I can mold a system that would work respectively for making things move forward in a positive direction. Other ideas I have for savings aside from 20/30/50 would be 25/25/50 or, 40/60. The big issue with saving 40% would be that I would need to trust myself to not spend the 60% on anything immediate, if I can do that than it would be a pretty decent system. Another idea would be to save 30% and have 20% for discretionary income with 50% on hold…

I could think about this all day long, I don’t really have much time for that unfortunately so I will cut this short. Have a good morning/evening and if you just so happen to be a genius banker with financial knowledge up the wazzoo, feel free to leave advice down below in the comments. Also I probably won’t have a picture for these simple diary entries anymore, It’s hard enough sticking to  this formula, using the same image for every diary entry just seems so… boring.


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