750 Words: 8/9/2017

My day off yesterday left me relatively anxious and unsurprisingly excitable. I am glad that I had a chance to get some rest and decompress about the day through yoga and meditation, but I got a bit restless from just sitting around and would’ve liked to have done something more efficient. Still, I feel that this grievance will be rectified on my next day off, giving me a chance to schedule some sort of activity then to prevent the cruel march of boredom.

I don’t really have much to type about today so I guess I will explain the reason and purpose behind the 750 words per day concept that I’ve been thinking about for so long. It has to do with my writing and my need to continue doing it. I’m in a weird place in my current novel and I haven’t been very motivated to continue, probably because I feel that I could do so much better by starting over. The story isn’t bad, but I’m being bad to the story, attributing unrealistic expectations on the piece’s infancy and it has caused me to freeze the project after around 160+ pages. The main goal currently is to get me out of this funk and to get myself back into writing for my story again, this time completing the process.

Aside from the weird place I’m in regarding my novel, I also found that the 750 words per day challenge or whatever would be good for making me improve my writing? Maybe, or at the very  least become more prolific with my writing. So then, where did I get the idea for 750 words? It came out of my pervasive journeys through the internet in search of improving myself.  I found a 10 ten list about the most useful websites and found 750 words near the bottom. It is a decent program which manages to track my emotional disposition through the sentences that I construct in my hasty essays.  The site is nice and all but it made me miss wordpress. Why? Because I have an audience here and I feel guilty not sharing my escapades on what is supposedly my diary. Of course this vicarious platform of mine continues to ever evolve along with my interests and certain projects end up disappearing without a trace…maybe. I wanted to apply the 750 principle here to encourage myself to get up in the morning and send something out with minimal editing and a bunch of circumstantial anecdotes. Mission accomplished.

Another big impetus for making me come back to WordPress was the ever present loom of a required subscription to use the 750 words program. Tracking my emotional and mental disposition is cute and all but I’m not going to pay money for it when I have the free 3 minute journal app that does almost the exact same thing. No. The activity itself is more important, more valuable to my needs and the needs of this website, and to that end, I don’t need the 750 words per day app to make me write more.

So, I have consumed very little content lately, the commute is going well, but today I decided to spice things up by riding fasted, relying on a bottle of water and whey to get me to my campus. It worked out well and the extra fat burning will pay off immense dividends in the future if I keep this up. Spent my 20 minutes on learning some more Chinese today, can’t say that I am struggling on that nearly as much as I am on Russian. Just the alphabet so far has been difficult, but I feel that once every letter is attributed with a sound of some sort, things will start to open up. At the very least I know what yes and no are so far so things are only going to get better.

Watched some documentaries on happiness and American ping pong. I’ve got to say, while Netflix seems to have troubles with getting anime right, at the very least, I get to watch some decent documentaries. The American ping pong documentary was pretty good albeit very depressing. Like I for one, don’t care about what is considered mainstream or not, but it would be silly for me to say that it doesn’t have an impact on the culture of American ping pong. The fact that nobody cares for the sport reflects in the lack of competition and the lack of skill when looking at the best in the nation, and it is this culture of disinterest that leaves the US in last place time and time again. Yet, there are people who are determined to still participate in such a sport despite the massive obstacles that lay in their way, that is pretty commendable albeit bittersweet.

Alright, that’s all for today, unless it isn’t.


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