750 Words: 8/8/2017

I’m off work today. Got work tomorrow, but the overwhelming need that I have right now is to just get these words off of my chest and let loose. I’ve been spending more and more time upstairs in the 5th floor of my science complex, scanning various opportunities on the billboard by the office. The sheer number of fellowships and scholarships is almost overwhelming. All of these opportunities, I never paid attention to them up until now. Perhaps it was a matter of being ready to receive those awards and to take a chance to go after them. A matter of fighting for what I want, or maybe of being cognizant enough to even notice.

I’ve been riding a 17 mile commute up to my campus for work for the past few weeks. Not going to lie, the commute is absolutely stunning. What I do is I get up at around 4 o’clock in the morning and move to wash up and get food in my system before packing up my uniform and getting in my  bike for the ride. I end up riding outside at 5 in the morning and watch as the morning comes into full view, taking in the smells, the sounds and the ever present sights of the commute evolve and never fail to show me something new. It is borderline magical to some degree. I’ve seen the commute help in other meaningful ways which include my increased endurance and energy levels that allow me to stand on my feet for several hours before getting tired. So the commute poses multiple benefits: physical health, energy, novelty, and mental health. I’ve spoken of the commute to my boss and one of my coworkers and I was asked, “Are you insane?” I smiled and nodded my head. To me, the action of traveling that far to work on bike isn’t so crazy, before doing it sure, it was frightening, but once I got up and did it, I realized that it wasn’t so intimidating after all.

The Slight Edge has been an outstanding read lately, and it has inspired me to pick up extra activities with which I could work on to progressively improve my knowledge base and further improve my skill set in where I want to be. I have a willingness to improve my Chinese, I’m interested in learning Russian. Why not do both? It seems crazy to do, but with the principles of the Slight Edge, I can’t really fail unless I get off of my schedule and give up. There is no shortcut to mastery, only the process, long and arduous that it is. Along with multilingual fluency, I would also like to drastically improve my mind. Various things involving success start and end with what happens regarding mental thought, the subconscious. Much like endurance or strength training, the mind can be honed and trained, this is what we call brain plasticity. It is a lot easier to do this type of stuff when you are younger and have more neural pathways to instill different habits, but it can still be done. Personally, I want to be happier, less negative and more confident in myself and my abilities. Mindfulness meditation is the way to go on this front, training yourself to be in the moment and to stop worrying about the future. Physical exercise has a similar effect as it forces you to focus on the present in much a similar way, but meditation is an immensely valuable practice to study and master as it trains stillness. Along with meditation, yoga is another activity I would like to improve on, to work on controlling the flow of energy in my body, to push out the negative and bring in the positive. And obviously, I would like to squelch my complaining and improve my optimism towards the future. I have seen it already pay off at work, coworkers and bosses alike all muse at my good attitude and my performance. The trick is to take responsibility for your actions. The job itself may not be as terrible as the form through which you are using to perform that job. Complaining is tiring and it also has no place in the me that I envision myself, so I need to take steps to remove that negativity and start creating a more efficient and mentally strong me.

I’m probably going to take a walk today and do some meditation and yoga. I wanted to get this out of the way first since I would like to jump into my language learning for the day. Still, that was 750 words for the day. Hope you all have a good morning/evening.


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