750 Words: 8/7/2017

Good morning/evening everyone. It’s been a bit since I’ve provided any content to this small little outlet of mine, and I’ve been itching to return for quite some time now. Lot’s of life rng has played out over the course of the last few weeks and there are plenty of other things that I would love to get off of my chest. So, let’s get started.

Recently got an on-campus job at the new Chic-fil-a location, not a bad place to work at, the coworkers seem to be all very kind and hardworking, and the atmosphere feels light. Today is going to be the grand opening of this space, and I’m sure that things will compound into a state of difficulty soon enough. Our unit had corporate training for the last few weeks, going over the ins and outs of various activities from operating, deactivating and cleaning different appliances to finding little nifty ways to be more proactive and effective during clean-up. The experience was enjoyable and I hope that things continue to move forward in a progressive state.

During the soft opening of the store last week, I found myself enjoying the work that I was doing, dancing and humming to the flow of the duties that I was performing.  I was watching a documentary series on the concept of happiness and learned that this ‘flow’ is a real stimulus of dopamine release that many people feel in certain day to day activities. Personally, I like the stimulation of being on my feet for several hours at a time and would hope to continue in being effective and happy for several months to come.

A lot of the seeds that I’ve sewn during the early portions of this Summer have come bearing fruit. I recently wrote out a blog for the PRSSA chapter in my campus which has finally come up on the website, a few organizations have reached out, and new opportunities have been discovered. The elegance of watching these small little tasks be rewarded with acknowledgement is uplifting and astounding in its own right. Still, the things that I need to do next only continue to pile up. One thing that I would like to do is to maintain my meditation habits and  to potentially invest time into learning a bit of Tai Chi. Another activity that I’ve been getting myself into is learning Chinese all over again: I’ve been practicing this language for around 5 years now and the overwhelming desire to master this language has hit me like a wrecking ball. I NEED to complete this study if it is the last thing that I do. On top of Chinese, I would also like to concurrently learn a European language of some sort, I’m currently thinking of learning German, Swedish, or Russian, maybe something else? I don’t really know yet, but eventually, this will happen.

I’m still reading and I’ve deleted a large majority of my subscriptions on Youtube, leaving only those that provide a meaningful utilitarian value to myself. The social media sites Facebook and Twitter? Deleted them, they don’t do anything except make me depressed and waste my time respectively, and I could do much more without them. I am thinking of starting up a LinkedIn account only because my campus offers help for senior thesis proposals on there.

Speaking of thesis, I have decided to pursue departmental honors in Biochemistry along with an Honors Undergraduate Fellowship, both programs requiring me to put out a Senior’s thesis proposal and complete it. This year, I will be working on Undergraduate research and will be required to submit semester statements of how the individual research assignments are panning out. Along with the seniors proposal, I’ve been looking into the SMART program with the US Department of Defense and the National Physical Science Consortium fellowship, both programs offering potential assistance with job security and the pursuit of a PhD in my respective field. This is pretty nice.

On top of this, I would like to open a savings account and put down at least 20% of my money in there whenever I hit pay day, using the rest of my funds to beat down on my loan interest, this would give me the opportunity to hit the ground running after my PhD program and really eat away at it in the first few years. Getting a credit card would also be important for establishing credit history, I have no willingness to use the thing with its interest being so high, but paying off monthly costs every month will be helpful for later purchases down the line.

I want to look into investing, but I probably should just stick to my savings for right now, it is just better that way and it leaves me with room to get other things done in the mean time while I establish a sizable income for investing with.

So that’s the big update for right now. The proverbial ‘Generic Personal Diary’ is still here, but it is more to form than its last iteration. Hopefully, I can round out the blog in a way that is interesting while also being helpful for my writing needs. Oh yeah, one of my major goals currently is to stem off the complaining, so we’ll see how that goes for the blog as well.


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