Freewriting Premise: Pizza

Benny Baxton was a six foot eleven hulk of a man, entering the heyday of his youth. The sweet sixteen, oh boy there was so much to look forward to. Ben was lost in thought as for how he would spend his birthday, he was a man who was lost in a sea of responsibility … Continue reading Freewriting Premise: Pizza


A Memoir of Tictac

The Coriander Mayflower Inn brings in a number of strange and deranged characters into its massive embrace. Madame Irvine was baffled when a young begotten child was sulking in front of her door steps. The boy was dressed in tattered rags and had short messy black hair and a fair yet dirty pale face. His … Continue reading A Memoir of Tictac

The Ongoing Narrative of Physical Fitness

Creating new habits and stripping away old ones is incredibly difficult and requires a persevering mindset. Just like sticking to this shitty fucking diary. Doing new, dumb things is hard. Creating the habit of writing my story everyday is something that is far more consistent thanks to an emotional investment. Maintaining my daily meditation goals … Continue reading The Ongoing Narrative of Physical Fitness